Our Mission

Welcome to the exhilarating new world of the Joyride Alliance! 

Designed to offer members exclusive industry discounts, dream giveaways, and member-only perks that redefine their MTB experience. Simply put, being a member of the Joyride Alliance is an indispensable asset for any avid mountain biker, and can save you thousands as well as give you VIP access to “money can’t buy” opportunities. But here's the kicker – your ride with us isn't just about savings, it's about transforming lives and transcending the sport!

With every membership, you're fueling the development of a Not-For-Profit initiative set to empower the Aussie MTB community at all levels. At a foundational level, the goal is to support disadvantaged youth, giving them access to bikes and dedicated programs, exposing them to the MTB life.

While, at the other end of the spectrum, our NFP will directly support Australia’s top-tier junior MTB athletes selected for the National Team, helping them excel on the global stage. Your journey with us isn't just a ride; it's a movement that propels the entire Aussie MTB community forward. Join now and ride the wave of change with us!
Cooper Downey (Founder)
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The Joyride Alliance Journey

Step 1 - Grow
Grow the Joyride Alliance into a thriving community of passionate MTB riders who are taking advantage of all the perks on offer, and want to see the sport flourish.
Step 2 - Support
Establish our Not For Profit which will enable access to MTB riding for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as financially support young riders selected in Australian Junior World Championship Teams
Step 3 - WIN!!
As a result, we will see the booming sport of MTB getting the support and funding that it deserves, meanwhile all members of the Joyride Alliance can take full advantage of all the epic perks that comes with being part of this amazing club!


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